Globalhaus German Shepherds and the whole Globalhaus Team are a Group of very well experienced German Shepherd Dog Breeders, Trainers and Show Enthusiasts in both Countries. We are here and in Germany very active in the Show and Schutzhund Sport. We are showing, training and working together to maintain the highest Standards and Quality of the German Shepherd Dog.  Our Team is located in North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, Florida and Maryland.
This Site is dedicated to all our friends and the people who are always there for us and our dogs, whenever we need them!!!    We learned one really important thing: It's not only the Dog, not only the Handler, not only the Double Handler, not only the Judge but also the appearance and the efficiency of the whole Team that makes the success !!! Not forgetting to say a big "Thank You" to all the skilled helpers, we're working with and the Helpers @ the Sieger Shows. We are still working on that site, so a big "Sorry" to everybody we didn't mentioned or pictured personally here and just forgot in the rush!     Cynthia & JJ
We  have to give a big hand to everybody helping us make the Progeny Group of Hoss at the NASS 2007 happen! So "Thank You" to Abhai, Bernd, Lars, Bob, T Floyd, Dennis, Juergen, Megan, Yulia, Yvonne, Katharina, Nadia, Christian, Tony, Shawnah, Hassan & Dad, Bill,  Branko, Nadine, Melissa, Heike and Jessica!
Christian Lang JJ, Christian and Robert Lang John Eric Henkel
Robert Kindberg aka Bob   would be helpless without him He helps us in EVERYTHING

With Nick our Gangster

NASS 2007

Far left: Martha and her VA 4 Female  Feli Dreieichenbuckel  &   JJ was the handler

Left, Calibur vom  Stuber Haus with Cyn and the proud breeder Bill Simmons

Right: Bob working the warming up Female

Hassan, his Father with Anta & Dalli Globalhaus, Bob with Apoll & Anschy Globalhaus, Kathleen ,Michael with Bax & Belgi Globalhaus  
Heike & Bob, NASS 2007-Party @ the Canadian Siegershow 2007, what a Team Success for Huntshepherds, Wilhendorf & us!!!!                    But never possible without the Team Thinking!!!!!
Our friend Abhai Kaul is responsible for almost all the pictures on the Globalhaus and Lachenerweg Sites. So a big "Hats Off" to him. Thank You so much, Brother.
left: Nick is ready for the bite work in Canadan Bill Simmons raising a litter for us.    

On the right: All together in India 2007 @ the Sieger Show

The Globalhaus Boss Thx for the Pix Without Pat, the big guy and JJ would be helpless.... Nadine and Martha
Sometimes we have to go......... incognito....... Our normal Show Outfit !!!! Double Handler Dress! What to say.....If you see that guy, call...
We're celebrating Teejay's VA1 and Nick's 1st VA                  on the left: Everybody helping us showing Hoss's 1st Group
Walter our Friend Perfect Teamwork, VA1 & VA2 Females Melanie and VA1 Tendrina, THX Our Dominique & Shawnah
left, Dominique with VA Nick. Right, John & VA1 Hoss, followed by Walter. In the middle John & Cynthia with VA2 "Tira  Wilhendorf," far right, Walter, JJ, Bob, the Waterboy and the Youth Siegerin Canada 2007   Cayla v. Stuberhaus .                          
John with VA1 Hoss Katarina, Simon,  Randy, JJ, Walter, Bob & Bill, Youth Siegerin We have to give a big "thank you" to Kay from   Gradlyn Kennels for the Sponsorship at the USA Sieger Show in Connecticut
  We all miss Danny Martinez Martha Hunt and Cynthia & Canadian Siegers Werner and JJ's  Father  

 John, Dominique, JJ and VA Nick

Thanks to Dennis Johnson
on the left Cyn, Christian, Dominique and Walter, Hoss's 1st Group   above Martha's 1st bred Siegerin Katina Huntland
left:The Henkels, above: JJ,Cyn & John, right: Team Xsena
Bob and  T Floyd T Floyd & John  always there .......... T Floyd & JJ, Werner, just the "Best", Loisl & Cyn
Kirsch,Michelle & Garth Shawnah of Huntshepherds Karen & Ben

Hoss and John, who handled him to his Canadian Sieger Title VA1

on the left Katharina with Nick and Hoss on the right same girl, another male
Hoss's Fan Club A true Globalhaus-Fan The Boss with Werner Gauweiler and Estaban
Juergen, Walter & JJ Hassan Pinto Heike & Melissa, Jessica missing Martha, VA1 Tendrina, Melanie & Shawnah
Melinda, JJ and Derek with Hoss and some of his kids Kathleen & Michael and the XMas Gang
with Pete @ the CT show, thx he handled Nicoll! Behind the Le Blonds and Pat Grecco!Pictured on the right Autum and Megen Le Blond, always a big help!!!! & the Beer Hound!
Above: Kay ordering Food, hopefully for all of us   On the left: Grooming Teamwork
With Gayle Kirkwood  BSZS '07 with Mischa, Calibur & Catarina Awesome Group needs awesome Leader......
Tony Brezel, Anschy, Apol lvom Globalhaus & Bob Bob & Juergen, Katarina & JJ. Two Couples??   Afternoon Brak @ the NASS 2007
    what to say.....always the same when he see's  Martha!!!!!!
A good team knows to celebrate too.....and we really know it!!!!!! JJ and Katarina, guess what they're singing?????              We are the Champions!!!!!
Above: Martha and Shawnah, double handling.     On the left: Bob handling the Universal Sieger 2006 Alex vom Eisenhaus to his V Title! The usual fight in front.........JJ with the Siegerin 4-6 mon females "Katina vom Huntland" and John with one his his Wilhendorf - Females, Vice Siegerin


Above: A typically example of successful  Team Work is the female Xsena of Angel's Delight, sg29 BSZS '07 Germany, Youth Siegerin USA, Christian, John and JJ did the individuals and the handling!!!! Nadine was the double handler, without her great relationship to the female, Xsena  would never had moved that awesome, Branko was responsible for the water and the drinks during the shows and Martha had to pay all the beer afterwoods !!!! What a great Team Work!!!! Congrats Martha !!!


Congrats to Yulia, Yash von der Bastille, Denis Johnson, Melissa and JJ, for the  great Team Work


When we travel the dogs feel really comfortable


If somebody wants to have  some pix published here on our Team Site just send them over  

A tight knit team is a group of competent individuals who care deeply about each other. They are fiercely committed to their mission, and are highly motivated to combing their energy and expertise to achieve a common objective. From our observation and studies on teamwork in the workplace, we have found three primary conditions that have to be met in order to attain higher levels of team performance and member satisfaction.
  1. Resources and Commitment
  2. Ownership and Heart
  3. Learning

These three conditions are the heart and soul of teamwork. These conditions are not a blueprint. Each group is unique, and the specifics and details of teamwork have to be worked out separately.


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