In Memoriam

Wanni von der Wienerau

   Jicy de la Taspelmatt


It is said, and rightly so, that true breeders realize there is no stronger wealth than the quality of the females in their breeding program.  One of the great joys in breeding is the experience of seeing offspring develop over many generations.  These two females have both afforded me that privilege.  Now gone to the Rainbow Bridge after their many years of devotion, they hold a special place in my heart that can never be replaced. 

It is a form of anguish to tell you about them, because I miss them every day, no matter how time passes.  But their story is part of our story.  When Jochen and I met, he still had one of Wanniís daughters, Quaifa von der Wienerau as part of his Lachenerweg breeding program in Germany.  Our joint love for the Wienerau lines is the fuel for our passion for the breed, and our desire to continue these bloodlines is very much a part of our breeding philosophy.

Wanni, the daughter of VA1 Vanta von der Wienerau, came to live with me after her her remarkable VA4 placement at the 1994 World Championships, the very same year her mother was the World Siegerin for the second time. The credit for their achievement rests with the genius of Herr Walter Martin, their breeder. Wanni went on to achieve achieve double Siegerin titles here in the U.S., following in the footsteps of her mother. 

Our North American Siegerin VA1 Nicoll von der Ochsenfurt (Mother of Globalhaus Litters F, M, and T) is a descendent of Wanniís as is our newest female Cina von Dironca (Mother of Globalhaus Litters E, L, and R). Wanniís daughter from her first U.S. born litter, VA Liesa von Wilhendorf  (my word what a pistol she was as a pup) has also continued her line through her daughter Xcel  von Wilhendorf, and Xcelís daughter Mischa von Wilhendorf  (Mother of Globalhaus Litter H and J.)  Mischa is also very special to us in that she is also a daughter of our VA1 male Hoss vom Hirmer Teich.

Jicy came to live with me after the loss of Wanni in 2002.  Born in France, she was the daughter of 2 X VA Esko von der Wienerau.  She placed V9 at the World Championships and went on to earn 2 VA titles in the United States.   At first I was afraid to love her fully after the loss of Wanni, but over time I came to love her just as much. It was a great joy to watch her daughter VA Tyra von Wilhendorf  win the Vice Siegerin title this year at the Canadian Championships.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didnít thank the Henkel family for bringing both of these females into my life and forging my early years in the breed.  We are grateful to them for the friendship and partnership we have shared over many years, and for many to come.

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The "Wienerau" Kennel was awarded 1992 with the Sieger Title for "Zamp" and the Siegerin Title for his daughter "Vanta", she was also the mother of our Wanni. Even the Kennel of Mr.Martin won the   Kennel Group Contest!Jochen was one of the handlers and he always mentions what an unforgettable moment that was to be part of that group, with that once in a lifetime success.


                                 The Rainbow Bridge

Far beyond the sky in another dimension lies a beautiful enchanted land. It is the resting place for all the animals who have served man, many of whom sacrificed their lives to save mankind. To enter this land, the animals cross over the Rainbow Bridge. The Bridge was called so by the angels for its profusion of rainbow-like colors which glow and fade in welcome to the new arrivals.
It is a land of lush green meadows, flowing streams, and an endless variety of trees. There are ponds scattered about for the new arrivals to bathe and wash away all traces of their previous existence. They emerge refreshed after their long journey across the bridge
There are myriads of flowers, many growing in vines which criss-cross the branches in the trees. The air is fragrant with their sweet perfumes. Bones and catnip rain intermittently from the air above.
In this magic land, all become young again. The old and infirm run about as they did in their youth. The crippled and maimed are made whole again. The days are spent cavorting across the many fields and enjoying the company of the many varieties of animals here. Most happy, if this can be so, are the dogs and otters who are even more playful here than on earth
There is but one note of sadness here. It is reflected in the eyes of the animals who were pets of humans who loved them while on earth. If one looks deeply into their eyes, this sadness is seen. They miss that unique love, care, and devotion they received from their own special companion. Many had received more love from their owners than their owners had given to their fellow humans.
And then one day, one special, magic day, your own pet looks up. A familiar sound has reached its ears. Its nose begins to twitch,  ts ears go up, and its tail begins to wag uncontrollably.  Its stares, then begins to run toward you.  He knows you have come for him. He takes one great leap and once again is in  your arms. Your face is and kissed, and kissed again. You look once more into the trusting, loving eyes of your  beloved pet. Together you walk across the rainbow bridge, never again to be separated.

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