Hi, @ the Globalhaus Gallery you see a lot of pictures. Our dogs at the shows or while working, but also in their normal environment, during vacation, on sightseeing trips, etc. So have fun while looking at the pictures. Meanwhile we got so many pictures from the Shows, that we decided to separate them into the years, just click on the links in the middle and don't forget

There's no Substitute for Excellence!!!

The Shows pages, links above, are about the hard work and the fun at the shows, but even everything looks so easy, we have to practice with our dogs every day for at least 3-4 hours, to keep them in great shape and condition. We hope you'll enjoy it and come back  from time to time and see what's going on.........A special " Thank You " to our main sponsors, GK Airfreight & Royal Canin to let us have our typically North Carolina Globalhaus Look at all the shows we're joining.

              Our Training Goup

                          Hoss, Cyn & Jicy                  Hoss & Jicy Normal Office Day     The successful Canadian Team VA1 Hoss & VA







on the left: Whenever we worked our dogs we really need to relax...
Jicy ( 2nd from left ) & friends, on the right her daughter Tyra vom Wilhendorf and Granddaughter Connie vom Wilhendorf
The Wilhendorfs. John and his late father John Sr. Ron and Pat Greco, John and JJ's helping hands........

 Go back to the and come back from time to time, have a visit and see what's happening......

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