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For example, at the North American Siegershow November 2009 in Los Angeles, out of the first 6 VA Working Class Males we imported three, including the VA1 Sieger Bill von der Fuerstenau!

At the USA Siegershow April 2009 in Chicago, out of the first three VA Working Class Females we imported two!


We are sure you can buy your very special German Shepherd Male or Female with confidence from us.


“And don’t forget, the difference is the Quality………………... Our Imports are priceless!

We only offer dogs with a great personality and temperament, health and strong character, very socialized and family raised. And please check out our Services to see that we really take care on anything!

Right now we offer some really good dogs from Friends over in Germany.

Below is a just 16 months old female, very socialized, prelims very good. She loves to work and would be the right asset for a young family who would like to join the Globalhaus Team. She will be titled SchH1 - 3 and breed surveyed in Germany!

   Jicy vom Globalhaus

Furthermore we offer that great young male for a friend in Germany

Text Box: Orlando vom Holtkaemper Hof, SchH3, KKL1, V
Dob: 20.7.2006,  Hips /Elbows normal
Siegershow Germany, sg36 in the Youth Class
Father .VA Odin vom Holtkaemper Hof
Mother. V Jola vom Holtkaemper Hof
Orlando has really great potential for Schutzhund Sport.  He is a great asset for a work and show home.

 Roland  vom Ochsentor, hips and elbows pending, estimated normal,  Dob: March 28th., 2009                    

Furthermore we offer this great SchH3, KKL1 male for a friend in Germany

   Born: January 7th., 2007,  Hips and Elbows normal, Schutzhund3 Scores 288  , thats a really nice dog for the shows and to work with!

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